Energy Manufacturing and Lift Equipment

Material handling equipment engineered and manufactured by Handling Specialty has specific applications in the assembly and maintenance of equipment used in the energy industry. Our expertise includes electrical transformers and turbines, gas turbines, wind turbines and masts and equipment used in the refurbishment of nuclear reactors and nuclear waste storage.

While the majority of our equipment manufactured for the energy industry is completely custom, our four post mechanical lifts, called Cargovators, are ideal for the assembly and/or repair of turbine engines, electrical transformers, transformer coils and compressors.

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The world's energy demands are ever-increasing. Handling Specialty custom engineers and manufactures energy manufacturing, lift and traversing equipment to help customers bring power to businesses and people.

Custom Applications

  • Turbine Assembly
  • Transformer Assembly
  • Nuclear Fuel Rod Handling
  • Wind Turbine Mast Inspection (rotatation)
  • Telescoping Cable Boom





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